Phase of Venus


Venus’ changes in phase and size are strong evidence of ‘Heliocentrism.’

Venus looks like a crescent moon or a full moon, depending on its angle to the sun.
Venus is large when it looks like a crescent moon. And Venus looks small when it looks like a full moon.
For Venus to look like a crescent moon, Venus must be closer than the Sun. On the other hand, to look like a full moon, Venus must be further away from the Sun.
So Venus has to orbit around the Sun, which tells us that the center of rotation is the Sun.

Phase of Venus that cannot be explained by ‘Geocentrism’

If according to Geocentrism, Venus orbits the inner orbit of the Sun, then the full moon-shaped Venus will be unobservable.
Conversely, assuming that Venus orbits the outer orbit of the Sun, the crescent-shaped Venus becomes unobservable.
Either way, Venus’ phases will not match actual observations.

Elongation and Phase of Inner Planet