Countercurrent exchange of distillation equipment


In this simulation,

The red arrow indicates high temperature, blue indicates low temperature, and purple indicates medium temperature.
The temperature values are for your understanding only and may differ from the actual values.
The initial temperature of the steam was assumed to be 100 ° C.
The initial temperature of the cooling water was assumed to be 0 ° C.
The mass of steam and coolant is assumed to be the same.

Why should the coolant flow in the opposite direction?

This is because hot steam can continue to meet cold coolant as it progresses.
Countercurrent maintains a slowly declining difference or gradient.

Application of Countercurrent Exchange

  • The blood flowing inside the fish's gills flows counter to the water. In this way, fish can absorb the maximum amount of oxygen in the water.
  • The pipe inside the boiler for heating the water flows opposite to the flame.