Molecules in Motion Simulation

Pascals Principle

Pascal’s Principle

Pascal’s Principle Pascal’s principle is as follows. “Suppose a closed tube filled with uncompressed fluid. Then, the pressure of this tube’s inside is the same everywhere.” For example, If you press any part of the tube containing the toothpaste, the...

Bernoulli's Principle

Bernoulli’s Principle

This simulation is programmed so that the average velocity of fluid particles flowing through the pipe is constant. What does it mean that the fluid collides against the inner wall of the tube? If the fluid begins to flow in...

Brownian motion

Brownian motion

Brownian movement Botanist Robert Brown, while observing pollen on the water’s surface, He noticed that the pollen was constantly moving in random directions. At that time (1827), Brown believed that these movements were driven by special powers as a living...